Prof. Meirav Hen

Prof. Meirav Hen
מירב חן
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Areas of Interest

  • Ocupational Therapy
  • Psychology
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I practice, teach and research in the areas where education meets psychology. Specifically I am interested in how emotional processes are associated and effect learning in higher education. I am also interested in teachers' social –emotional competencies, and how do they contribute to teaching. Recently I researched inter-cultural relationship in higher education

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  • Teaching in academic institutions:

1997-2015       Lecturer, Department of Education, Tel-Hai academic College

2003-2015       Lecturer, Department of Social Work, Tel-Hai academic College

2010-2015       Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Tel-Hai academic College

  •    Teaching in non-academic institutions:

1995-2015       Lecturer in empowerment courses for teachers, counselors and head teachers, Pisga Program coordinators, Ministry of Education. Courses taught: Understanding the challenging child in the education system; the emotional educator, and working with abnormal development in children and adolescents.

2003-2015       Instruction at the Drama Therapy Institute, Tel-Hai College. Course title: Being a therapist and the assistive interview.

  •    BA courses taught in the last five years: The emotional educator, Clinical aspects of education, Psychopathology A and B, Research seminar: Issues regarding development, Pro-seminar: Emotional processes in education, Introduction to personality theories, Being a therapist, Understanding the challenging child in the education system, Psycho-educational interventions, Developmental psychology.