Prof. Nurit Carmi

Prof. Nurit Carmi
Nurit Carmi is an Associate Professor in the department of Multidisciplinary Studies and Environmental Studies and the head of the Society and Environment Program in Tel-Hai College, Israel. Her main research interests are the interface between environmental literacy, psychology, sociology and evolution.
פרופ' כרמי נורית
Accordion Title Research


  • Promotion of environmental literacy; Quantification and evaluation of environmental education (mainly in higher education)
  • The socio-psychological factors that affect environmental behavior.
  • Environmental threat perception as a factor that influences behavioral decision making in environmental contexts. The psychological factors that affect threat perception and prioritization.
  • Psychological distance and time perspective. The relationship between individual differences in the attitude towards long-term problems (future orientation) and threat perception and prioritization.
Accordion Title Teaching


  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Evolution of animal behavior
  • Principles of biostatistics
  • Advanced statistics for nutritional and clinical trials (for graduate degree students)
  • Seminar in environmental literacy - society and Environment 
Accordion Title Publications


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