Dr. Ifat Linder

Dr. Ifat Linder
יפעת לינדר
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Biographical Info

  • Born in 1971, mother of two and lives in the Golan Heights. Serves as the head of the unit for excellence and innovation in teaching, founded the simulations Center at Tel-Hai College –developed expertise and knowledge for many years on simulated learning. Served as CEO of Galilium and managed the education unit of the Western Galilee that included 18 local municipalities, businesses, NGO`s, academia and foundations. Ifat is a senior consultant with expertise in management and synchronization of systems and organizations, strategy, and supervision and training. Ifat`s doctorate is on organizational learning in the army, from Haifa University. Ifat leads management courses in a variety of academic settings

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  • Her research deals with the fields of organizational learning, learning assimilation, management and simulations.

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    • Organizational learning and school effectiveness (master's degree)
    • Thesis (master's degree)
    • Organizational learning and leadership
    • Academic Literacy
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  • Excellent lecturer, 2022

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  • Doctoral Thesis

    Linder, I. (2011). The rhetoric and practice of learning from experience - a case study of inquiry processes, extracting lessons and their assimilation in a military organization. Essay for receiving a doctorate in philosophy, University of Haifa. Doctoral advisors: Prof. Ilan Meshulam and Prof. Raanan Lifshitz. (103 pages).


    Master’s Thesis

    Linder, I. (2009). The chemical variation between and within a population of the pink sycamore L thymbra Satureja in different habitats in Israel. Dissertation for receiving a master’s degree, M.Sc, Tel Aviv University. Advisors: Prof. Yaakov Friedman and Dr. Eli Potivsky. (94 pages).


    Articles appearing in leading journals

    Linder, I., Weissblueth, E. (September 2023). Impact of Simulation Training - Comparison between face-to-face and online learning. Journal of Educators Online. Accepted for publication in vol. 20(1).

    Linder, I., (2022), On the assimilation component in organizational learning processes, Study of The Organization and Human Resource Quarterly, 7(22), p. 36-45.

    Linder, I., Weissblueth, E. (2021). Impact of Simulation Training: A Comparison of Face-to-Face and Online. Conference Proceedings - Innovation and Growth During Uncertain Times: Simulations in Education and the Covid-19 Crisis (pp. 40-52). The MOFET Institute.

    Linder I., Weissblueth E. (2017). A discrepancy in teachers’ and principals’ perceptions of educational initiatives. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 5(5) p710-714.

    Lukach Z., Linder I. (2019). Future-Oriented Pedagogy: Meaning and Practice in

    Israel’s Northern Periphery – The Story of Galilium, The 7th International Conference of Teacher Education: The story of innovation in Teacher Education, Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv.

    Weissblueth E., Linder I. (2020). The Effects of Simulations on Principals’ Training and Professional Self-Efficacy. International Journal of Education Policy & Leadership, 16(14). URL:http://journals.sfu.ca/ijepl/index.php/ijepl/article/view/965 doi: 10.22230/ijepl.2020v16n14a965


    Publications in Hebrew

    Linder. J. (2022). On the assimilation component in organizational learning processes.

    Geffen, S. Linder, I,. Reichsfeld, P., Heyman, R. (2018). Examining the results of a computerized assessment questionnaire against the results of a "paper and pen" test in the Galilium research program. The 13th Innovation Research Conference and learning technologies by Chase, The Open University.

    Deutsch, D,. Linder, I,. (2019). Am I significant - on the role of a boarding school educator in a Yeshiva High school. Talpiot College.

    Lontel, A., Yuval, T., Linder, I, (2019). Student sports in Israel - the case of the International ASA Championship in Eilat, Movement, vol. 12, pp. 239-254. Wingate Academic College

    Linder, I. (2022). On the element of assimilation in organizational learning processes. Organization and Management Research Quarterly, The human resource (submitted for publication).

    Unreviewed publications (in Hebrew)

    Linder, I. (2019). Operation Book for the Simulation Center, Ohalo College

    Linder, I. (2018). Training booklet for lecturers, Simulation Center, Ohalo College

    Linder, I. (2018). Galilium in Numbers: Summary of activities for a 4-year period, Tel Hai Academic College

    Linder, I. (2015). Summary of Galilium’s activities for the year 2016, Tel Hai Academic College

    Linder, I. (2015). Summary of Galilium’s activities for the year 2015, Tel Hai Academic College

    Linder, I., Shamir, R. N. (ed.), (2008). Assessments of the emergency situation of the authorities and the volunteer leadership in the north of the country following the Second Lebanon War, Elka Joint Israel.

    Greenwald, J., Linder, I. (2008) Mahar - an emergency arrangement of the authorities - Elka Joint Israel: learning from consulting experience following the Second Lebanon War. In: Kehat, D. (ed.), Community leadership for a life of quality: initial steps in city management.

    Linder, I. Weismann (ed.), (2009). Evaluations of emergency authorities - a summary of learning days that intervene in the north, Elka Joint Israel.



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Dr. Ifat Linder CV