Our Mission

Tel-Hai College has set out to pursue and maintain academic excellence and cutting-edge research through up-to-date curricula and research programs; to make higher education accessible to the broader community; and to promote the advancement of the northern part of Israel.

We draw talented students and outstanding faculty from Israel and the world, leveraging our academic activity for the strategic and economic development of the Galilee, and cultivate the next generation of scientists, researchers, teachers, and leaders who will impact the region, the country and the world.

The College will rely on the unique natural resources, human capital, and natural scenery of the Galilee for the promotion of research and shaping future generations.

Our Goals

  • To continue to build an excellent academic institute based on three fundamental pillars: Research, Teaching and Community
  • The college will constitute a central component of the economic, social and educational development of the region through applied research, community partnerships, and entrepreneurship.
  • Research and community involvement will be an inseparable part of the work of the academic faculty members.
  • The college will create an international infrastructure for researchers and students from Israel and abroad.
  • The curriculum will instill students with skills adapted to the new and changing work environment, incorporating advanced instructional and study techniques, innovative learning spaces, entrepreneurship, and technology.
  • Tel-Hai alumni will be change leaders who will contribute to the promotion of values of equality, diversity, and tolerance in Israeli society.

Our Values

Tel-Hai develops and maintains a culture of collaboration, critical discourse, curiosity, while constantly searching for new knowledge and insight. College management upholds the academic freedom and freedom of speech of all individuals in its midst.