Research authority vision

•    Advance knowledge in different areas of life to promote understanding of the world around us for the benefit of humanity.
•    Advance research innovation and excellence among the researchers at the College, through cultivating a faculty of researchers who stand at the forefront of research, are knowledgeable about developments and innovations, and impart up-to-date knowledge and advanced skills to students.
•    Develop and advance the Galilee region and its population through leading, high-quality research conducted in collaboration with the community, industry, and the civil sector.


Research authority goals 

•    Recruit researchers, post-doctoral and graduate students
•    Assist in recruiting post-doctoral and graduate students
•    Upgrade research laboratories and establish laboratories for new researchers
•    Increase success in receiving competitive grants from funds and foundations
•    Increase the number of publications in leading journals 
•    Expand collaboration with academic researchers and institutions overseas
•    Promote applied research in collaboration with industry