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Israel at War

Tel-Hai College has always been a central source of regional support and resilience for Northern Israel and for Israel as a whole. We continue to stand strong and are committed more than ever to support the communities of the North and the South during these days of war.

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Tel-Hai Takes Action to Support the Home Front
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Why Tel-Hai?

The only college in Israel to have an affiliated research institute
The largest employer in the Galilee

 With 1,400 employees, Tel-Hai College attracts excellent faculty members from around the country to teach, lead and inspire our students while making a lasting impact in their field

Community involvement is embedded in our DNA

Rooted in a regional ecosystem in which research, academia, agriculture, business and the local communities grow and evolve together

International Academic Opportunities

Tel-Hai College offers high-quality, innovative international programs and workshops



Our unique location and diverse ecosystem serve as a living laboratory, enabling us to conduct applied research based on the natural resources of the region in collaboration with the local industries and communities.

Our Research
סטודנטים בהאקתון באגמון החולה

Tel-Hai Goes Global

Tel-Hai's International Academic Affairs Unit creates and supports new opportunities for worldwide academic collaborations, offering unique programs for students and faculty members, and promotes "Internalization at Home".

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אקדמיה בכיכר

For and With the Community

Tel-Hai College serves not only as an excellent academic institute, but also as an accelerator of growth and development for the region. Our success is entwined with that of the surrounding communities and industries.

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Become a Part of Our Success

Tel-Hai's Global Partnerships and Development Unit invites you to take part in supporting one of the strongest accelerators of growth and development of the Galilee, the Northern Region, and Israel as a whole.

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