Tel-Hai College is a leading academic institution in the Galilee that encourages the development of knowledge, human capital, and innovation.

Inspired by its founders’ pioneering spirit of excellence and entrepreneurship, Tel-Hai College is a growing leader of higher education and scientific inquiry in Israel’s northern Galilee. Set at Israel’s most northern border amidst spectacular scenery, Tel-Hai, with its unique Galilee character, has become a hub that attracts superb scientists and talented young adults from across Israel and around the world.

Located adjacent to the diverse ecosystem of the Hula Valley - from the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon at an altitude of 2,040 meters above sea level, down to the Sea of Galilee at around 200 meters below sea level, through one of the most important bird migration routes to 500 million birds, and surrounded by an abundance of agricultural land - Tel-Hai College has set out to harnesses the area’s diverse natural resources to create innovative scientific inquiry that may provide local solutions to global challenges.