Tel-Hai College is dedicated to scientific and academic excellence and has a long-term commitment to educating future generations for the benefit of the northern periphery and the state of Israel. In this spirit, the College leads and advances high-quality research that constitutes an inseparable part of the work of the academic faculty, in order to develop scientific knowledge and the local region. 
Researchers at Tel-Hai College work on basic and applied research nourished by the College’s local environment and contributing to its development. Research projects led by the College in partnership with the community find applications in industry, in agriculture, in educational institutions, in the healthcare system and in other employment branches in the region. 
We believe that promoting collaboration and convergence among different fields (social sciences, humanities, education, computer science, natural and life sciences) through development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, constitutes a basis for a revolution and for advancement in research and innovation, and will contribute greatly to the continued success of the College’s mission – to be a powerful change agent for economic and social development in the region.