Our International Academic Affairs unit creates and supports new opportunities for the internationalization of the College, for the benefit of students and faculty.
We introduce unique, value-added curricula, which emphasize the uniqueness of the College's location and are in line with Tel-Hai's excellence in research approach. We offer high-quality, innovative short-term international programs and workshops. Our Unit establishes new international partnerships and agreements for the College that lead to collaborative projects and programs.
In line with the "Internationalization at Home" strategy, we aspire to offer our students cultural diversity, innovation, and an international experience during their course of studies. This is achieved by offering new courses in English, academic collaboration with international partners, inviting international students to our campus for research and study, and international guest lecturers. 
We invite you to read more about our international activities and to contact us for further details and potential collaborations: [email protected] 

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הילה נבו עם משתתפת נוספת בכנס ברוטרדם

The International Academic Affairs Unit

is the first contact point for all questions and concerns about internationalization:

  • We provide support for exchange students who are studying at Tel-Hai College for a limited period of time,
  • We work to strengthen existing collaborations and form collaborations with new partners and institutions.
  • We run exchange programs for Tel-Hai College students and faculty,
  •  We ensure that Tel-Hai College has strong international networks and that all levels of the college benefit from the international cooperation


Our Team


Liat Lavi

Administration and budget control coordinator

Hila Nevo

Director of the International Academic Affairs Unit

Izik Stein

Financial management of projects

Karin Stevenson

Coordinator of the International Academic Relations Unit

Our office is located on the Upper Level of Building 1, Tel-Hai’s Western Campus. We recommend scheduling a meeting before arriving. 

Office hours are Sundays – Thursdays, 08.30 – 16.30.

The office is closed Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays.

Contact us for International Opportunities

Contact us for International Opportunities
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