Galilium – Regional Partnership for Science and Technology Education

Galilium is a regional partnership, established in September 2013, with the goal of promoting science and technology (STEM) education in the Eastern Galilee as a tool to reduce gaps and increase social mobility. This unique regional initiative, led by Tel-Hai College, consists of 18 local authorities, 3 colleges, 4 research institutions, hospitals, industry and agriculture. All these work together to be an inclusive organization that synchronizes and pools resources for the advancement of science education in all local authorities of the eastern Galilee, giving every child in the district an opportunity to experience and, if they wish, fulfill their potential in scientific and technological fields.

Every boy and girl will be exposed to future occupational opportunities in research, science and technology, which may influence their choice to build their homes in the Galilee when they grow up. Development of quality education contributes to regional economic development and strengthens the sense of belonging for area residents. The Galilium partnership is based on local infrastructure and forces joining to create a wide-open and promising future for region’s children.

“We believe in leading change in the Eastern Galilee Cluster, creating a better future for ourselves and our children through science and technology education for all the region’s children. With determination and persistence, our work is based on values of curiosity, persistence, responsibility and belief in collaboration, all while focusing on the main principle – our children’s right to discover the potential that lies within them and to experience STEM learning and research at the highest level, close to home, accessible to all.