Dr. Livnat Jurnou

Dr. Livnat Jurnou
ד"ר ליבנת גו'רנו
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Areas of Interest

We are interested in understanding how enzymes evolve new function and biochemical traits, how are they adopted to their environment. We use protein engineering and directed enzyme evolution to improve enzymes.

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Biographical Info

Dr. Afriat-Jurnou leads the group of Enzyme Evolution in MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute, and teaches at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in Tel-Hai College, Israel, since 2017. She did her bachelor degree in Chemistry and Biology in Tel-Aviv University, then moved to the Weizmann Institute of Science for her MSc and PhD studies at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, under the guidance of Prof. Dan S. Tawfik, studying the molecular mechanisms involved in enzyme evolution. After that, she continued in the field during her postdoctoral studies at the Australian National University, Canberra, with Prof. Colin Jackson. In her work, she uses directed enzyme evolution and protein engineering towards the understanding of the mechanisms involved in enzyme evolution, and design enzyme for various agriculture and environmental applications.

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My research interest focuses on the understanding of the mechanisms that govern enzymes function, towards harnessing their catalytic activity in one hand, and their inhibition on the other.  We are particularly interested in enzymes that attenuate virulence factors in pathogenic bacteria, serving as Quorum Quenching enzymes. We are also interested in designing enzymes that degrade man-made pollutants such as pesticides and plastic. In the lab, we use molecular biology, phylogenetic analysis for protein design as well as directed enzyme evolution to create tailor made enzymes with new properties for specific environmental, agricultural and industrial applications. 

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General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Protein Structure and Function

Scientific writing

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