Prof. Segula Masaphy

Prof. Segula Masaphy
סגולה מוצאפי
Accordion Title Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Biotechnology
Accordion Title Research


Applied Mycology:

(a) Interaction between fungal function and environment.

(b) Biotechnology and ecology of edible mushrooms: characterization of the environmental factors affecting biomass and fruiting bodies formation  

(c) Production of bioactive compounds by fungi: characterization of the bioactive metabolites and enzymes from fungi 

(d) Biodegradation activities of fungi and bacteria: characterization of the environmental factors affecting biodegradation functions of fungi and bacteria 

(e) Search for new biological antifungal compounds: isolation and identification of novel antifungal compounds

(f) Study of water quality and fungal and bacterial activities  

Accordion Title Teaching


  1. General Microbiology
  2. Environmental Biotechnology
  3. Practical Environmental Biotechnology
  4. Food Science Seminar
  5. Fungal Biotechnology.  (M.Sc. program)