Prof. Snait Tamir

Prof. Snait Tamir
פרופ' תמיר סנאית
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Biographical Info

Prof. Tamir is a clinical dietitian and a member of the nutritional science department at Tel-Hai College. She was heading the Nutrition Science Bs.c degree program for over 5 years and just recently have opened the Master's Degree Program. In the past, she served as the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at Tel-Hai College and just very recently began serving as Vice President for Academic Affairs at the college. She is also the research director of the Laboratory of Human Health and Nutrition Sciences at MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute.

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  1.  Endothelial function in aging and how it is affected by diet and\or nutrients, as well as its influence on cardiovascular related diseases.
  2.  The effects of functional food on fatty liver
  3. mechanisms involved in obesity, and
  4. Recently, our interest and exposure to research questions pertaining to public health, has led us to study the effect of cultural differences on quality of life, state of health and nutrition among elderly Jews and Druze. Regarding our interest in this population, two other research proposals involving the effects of personalized diet-driven microbiota alterations for improving mood Status and sleep in elderly has been approved. In addition, we are involved in other studies dealing with microbiome. One, which deals with probiotic treatment for students with attention deficiency disorder, and the second, is concerned with the effect of probiotic supplementation on the ability to perform intense endurance exercises.
  5. Recently our proposal on "Genetic based health promotion intervention for families" was accepted.
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Human Nutrition, Dietetics, Seminar in Human Nutrition , Community Nutrition, Drugs-Food Interactions, Scientific writing, Seminar 1+2 in the Nutrition Sciences M.Sc program.

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Peer-reviewed Publications (Last 3 years):
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