Dr. Karen Jackson

Dr. Karen Jackson
ד"ר ג'קסון קרן
Accordion Title Research


  As of June 2011 Head of the In Vitro Toxicity Lab – MIGAL,  Development of In-vitro essays for reducing the use of animals in research. Current research is focused on development of co- cultures for toxicity assays for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Accordion Title Teaching


Teaching at Academic Institutions

Tel Hai College: 
1993 – 2000     Zoology Lab: Undergraduate, BSc Degree 
2000-          Introduction to Human Physiology: Undergraduate BSc Degree.
2000-         Physiology of Human Systems: Undergraduate, BSc Degree.
2000-         Basic Histology: Undergraduate, BSc Degree.
2010-2011     Physiology of the Digestive System (a chapter of the course Human Nutrition 1), Undergraduate, BSc Degree.

Ohalo College of Education:
2004 -      Comparative Animal Physiology: Undergraduate, BEd Degree
2004 -         Animal Ecophysiology: Undergraduate, BEd Degree
2004 -         The Human Body, Undergraduate, BEd, Degree
2011-         Evolution, Undergraduate, BEd Degree.

Accordion Title Awards


2002:   Sex Determination and Acclimatization of Russian Sturgeon to Northern Israel. Ministry of Agriculture, 320.000 NIS
2005:   Maturation control in Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) For Caviar production and DNA level identification of Sturgeon species. Ministry of Sciences.  100.000 NIS

Accordion Title Presentations


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