Dr. Yousef Jabareen

Dr. Yousef Jabareen
יוסף ג'אברין
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Tel Hai Academic College, Department of Education, Tel Hai, Israel ,  2009-present Senior Lecturer  ,  2015-present

Head of the Social Studies sub-department,   2013-2015

Course: Human Rights, Law and Education, Multiculturalism and Education, Law and Social Policy, Law and Conflict Resolution, Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel.     

Arab American College, Givat Haviva, Israel ,   2021-present

Adjunct Lecturer,

Course: International Public Law, Introduction to Israeli Law.

University of Haifa, Law Faculty, Haifa, Israel , 2004-2015

Adjunct Lecturer,

Course: The Legal Status of the Arab Minority in Israel; Legal Clinic on Law and the Arab Minority in Israel.

Tel Aviv University, Law Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel,  2004-2009

Adjunct Lecturer, Course: Law and Social Change; The Rights of Minority Groups.

American University, Washington College of Law, DC  , 8/2002-12/2003

Professorial Lecturer, Course: Advanced International Human Rights Advocacy.

University of Maryland, Center for Jewish Studies, College Park, MD        2002-2003

Adjunct Lecturer, Course: Arab Society in Israel.

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Grant Recipient, Council of Higher Education, Arab Lecturer with Distinction       

Tel Hai Academic College ,   2011-2014

Fellow, European Union Visitors Program, Brussels  ,  11-16/4/2010

Grant Recipient, New Israel Fund Planning Grant

Dirasat: The Arab Center for Law and Policy , 1/2007-12/2007

Fellow, Vidal Angel Postdoctoral Fellowship, Minerva Center for Human Rights  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  , 10/2006-9/2007

Fellow, The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for International and Comparative Public Law, Heidelberg, Germany , 7-10/2005

Fellow, The Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education,

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  , 10/2004-6/2005

Law Fellow, International Human Rights Internship Program (IHRIP)  ,  9-12/2003                       

Fellow, Salzburg Seminar: Community Leadership and Policy Change,   12/2001

Fellow, Israeli-Arab Scholarship Program, US Department of State     


National Arab Student Union Award for Student Leadership  , 1999

Law Fellow, New Israel Fund U.S.-Israel Civil Liberties Program    ,1996-1997

Israel Ministry of Education Award for Student Leadership  , 1990

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Edited Books:
  • Ozaky-Lazar, S. & Jabareen, Y. eds., (2017). Conditional Citizenship: On Citizenship, Equality and Offensive Legislation (Pardes Publishing, Haifa) (Hebrew).
  • Jabareen, Y. & Mustafa, M. (Eds.). (2013). Local Government in Palestinian Society in Israel: Political, Management and Legal Aspects (Pardes Publishing, Haifa) (Hebrew).
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Dr. Yousef Jabareen CV

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