Dr. Nirit Karni Viser

Dr. Nirit Karni Viser

Nirit Karni-Vizer, PhD, is a senior lecturer in the Department of Education at Tel-Hai College. Her research focuses on verbal violence, intervention programs, and inclusion and community participation of people with disabilities. She is interested in developing intervention programs to reduce violence against people with disabilities by empowering them and teaching them skills and in training professionals to use these programs.

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Areas of Interest

Violence, Vernal violence, People with disabilities, Inclusion

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Verbal violence against people with disabilities Attitudes towards inclusion

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2010- present Introduction to special education Undergraduate
2010- 2018 Child development, identification of disabilities. Undergraduate
2010-2016 Pervasive Developmental Disorder Undergraduate
2010-2015 Inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in the community Undergraduate
2013-2014 Seminar on the vocational and social education of young and adults with developmental disabilities Graduate
2013- present Intellectual developmental disabilities Undergraduate
2013- present Seminar on Verbal Violence at schools and intervention programs Undergraduate
2016- present Behavioral problems and interventions to reduce violence in schools Undergraduate
2016- present Integration from a humanistic and educational perspective Undergraduate
2016- present Emotional and behavioral disorders of children with learning disabilities Undergraduate
2016- present People with disabilities in postmodern society: critical issues Undergraduate
2017- present Autistic spectrum disorder Undergraduate
2017- 2019 Learning and attention disabilities in a multi-system perspective Graduate
2018- present Violence in schools Graduate
2019- present Seminar on Integration and inclusion in postmodern vision Graduate
2019- present Emotional, behavioral and violent disorders in the special education system and in inclusion Graduate
2019- present Issues in intellectual developmental disabilities Graduate
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2013 Exploring the effects of verbal violence on community participation Deans incentive grant $5,000 CO-PI

Prof. Mark Salzer (PI)

2014 Reports of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities on
verbal violence directed at them in various housing frameworks
Keren Shalem – The Central Fund for the Development of Services for the Retarded in the Local Councils NIS100,000 PI

Prof. Shunit Reiter (CO-PI)

2017 The contribution of an intervention program based on the "cycle of internalized learning" to coping with verbal violence and improving the quality of life of people with IDD living in different house settings Shalem Fund: The Central Fund for the Development of Services for the Retarded in the Local Councils NIS 100,000 PI

Dr. Ran Numan (CI)

2017 The relationship between the principle of normalization and the humanistic
approach as expressed in the work of service providers, quality of life, sense of self-efficacy and future orientation of adults with IDD as a service provider
Shalem Fund: The Central Fund for the Development of Services for the Retarded in the Local Councils NIS 100,000 CO-PI

Prof. Shunit Reiter (PI) and Dr. Ran Numan (CO-PI)

2017 The effect of verbal violence on body image Tel-Hai College NIS 10,000 PI  
2019 Verbal violence among people with mental illness MOU NIS 5,000 PI  
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DR Nirit Karni Viser CV

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