Dr. Yonit Nissim

Dr. Yonit Nissim

Dr. Nissim was the Head of The Department of Education and teaching at the Tel- Hai academic college in Israel.   She is a researcher and a senior lecturer .Her studies focuses on education and teachers training in several aspects: innovation, practical training and leadership.  Her research papers have been published in several international journals. The main motive for her work is to investigate into deferent layers of the educational processes in an interdisciplinary and innovative approach.

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 Naifeld, E. & Nissim, Y. (2022) From Uncertainty to Self-Efficacy-Perspectives of Pre-Service Teachers on Their Practical Experience during the ‘Corona Year’ European Journal of Contemporary Education. 2022. 11(2): 459-472. DOI: 10.13187/ejced.2022.2.459   .Q2 IF 1.15 

Nissim, Y., & Simon, E. (2022). From disruption to ‘Comfort-Zoom’routine: preservice teachers’ perspectives on remote learning during the Corona year. Teaching Education, 1-22. Q2. IF 1.3   (citations 2)

Avidan. A & Nissim, Y. (2023) Kindergarten teacher leadership during the Corona period: Uncertainty for practices of concern and care. Dapim 79 May 2023- 13-38. MOFET. (Hebrew). (Vatat List).

Nissim Y, E Simon. Agilecation: Agile Leadership in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) during the Covid-19 Pandemic a Test CaseEuropean Journal of Contemporary Education. 2023. 12(1): 139-151.  Q2 IF 1.15

Simon E, Nissim Y. The Role and Motivation of Pre-Service Teacher (PST) Mentors from Pro-Social to Cognitive-Effective Perspectives. Education Sciences. 2023; 13(9):930. https://doi.org/10.3390/educsci13090930.    Q1 IF 3

 Nissim Y, Simon E. Divided Village, Divided Identity? Exploring the Professional Identity of Teachers Amid the Geopolitical Configuration in Al-Ghajar. Behavioral Sciences. 2023; 13(11):878. https://doi.org/10.3390/bs13110878 Q2 IF 3.

Nissim, Y.; Danial‑Saad, A. The Resilient Teacher: Unveiling the Positive Impact of the Collaborative Practicum Model on Novice Teachers. Educ. Sci. 2023, 13, 1162. https:// doi.org/10.3390/educsci13111162    Q1 IF 3

Nissim, Y. & Naifeld, E (2024) Home and a way, pre service teacher’s hybrid practicum. Accepted for publication Israel Affairs Q1 IF 1

Nissim, Y., & Simon, E. (2024). The “comfort zoom”: Preservice teachers’ (PTs’) perceptions on distance learning during the pandemic. International Journal of Instruction, 17(1), 619- 636   Q2. IF 1

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Course teaching:
The philosophy of education.
Seminars: excellence in education, gender issues in education.
The design of learning and teaching in changing environments.
Educational thinking.
Leadership in education.
Supervising final theses in the master's degree.

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Dr. Yonit Nissim CV

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