Dr. David Burg

Dr. David Burg
ד"ר דוד בורג
Accordion Title Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

  • Dynamical mathematical modeling
  • Non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations
  • Complex systems
  • Social and human evolution and dynamics
  • Multivariate statistical analysis
Accordion Title Biographical Info

Biographical Info

  • 2016-present Visiting Researcher. Rockefeller University, New York, USA
  • 2015-present Research Associate. Tel Aviv University
  • 2014-present Senior Lecturer. Tel Hai College
  • 2011-2014 Lecturer. Tel Hai College
  • 2011-2019 Researcher. SMI, University of Haifa
  • 2007-2010 Lecturer. Makor College
  • 2006 Lecturer Ariel University
  • 2005-2006 Post Doc IMBM
  • 2001-2005 PhD. Bar Ilan University
  • 1999-2001 MSc. Bar Ilan University
  • 1995-1999 BSc. Bar Ilan University
Accordion Title Research


  • Mathematical dynamics of urban systems
  • Power law allometry, network theory, logistic growth
  • Demography
  • Global, national, regional and local scales
  • Economic trend analysis
  • Modeling real estate 
  • Previous research:
  • Models in agriculture
  • Decision support systems
  • Viral dynamics
  • COVID-19 patterns
  • HBV, HIV, Ebola
Accordion Title Teaching


Applied mathematical modeling (seminar)
Calculus I, II & III
Research Methods
Online Learning Environments
Transportation and mobility

Past teaching experience:

Staatistics and Quantitative methods (graduate level)
Algebra I & II
Computer applications
Epidemiology and Health Risk Factors
Trends in Science & Technology
Immunology and Epidemiology

Accordion Title Awards


2022-2024       Research Grant, Electravehicles Ltd. (36,000USD)
2021-2022       Research Grant, Rockefeller University (25,000USD)
2021                Eastern R&D Center Science Research Grant (30,000NIS)
2020                Eastern R&D Center funding (300,000NIS)
2019-2020       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-15747, 400,000NIS)
2019-2020       Research Funding, Tel Aviv University (120,000NIS)
2019                Equipment budget, Eastern R&D Center (15,000NIS)
2020                Research Funding, Orr NGO (100,000NIS)
2019                Travel Grant, Shamir Research Institute (1,000USD)
2018-2019       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-14770. 250,000NIS)
2018-2020       Research Grant, Rockefeller University (40,000USD)
2019                Travel Grant, Rockefeller University (6,000USD)
2018                Travel Grant, Rockefeller University (3,000USD)
2017-2020       URBIx research fund (480,000GPB)
2017-2018       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-13526. 250,000NIS)
2017-2018       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-13579. 250,000NIS)*
2017                Travel Grant, Rockefeller University (3,000USD)
2017                Travel Grant, Shamir Research Institute (1,000USD)
2016-2018       Research Grant, Rockefeller University (20,000USD)
2016-2017       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-12522. 250,000NIS)
2016-2017       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-12526. 250,000NIS)
2016-2018       Research Funding, Tel Aviv University (75,000NIS)
2016                Travel Grant, Rockefeller University (3,000USD)
2016                Startup budget, Shamir Research Institute (20,000NIS)
2015-2016       Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (No. 3-11925. 250,000NIS)
2015-2019       Tel Hai College (30,000NIS)
2015-2018       MOP Zafon (Northern R&D) Research Grant (130,000NIS)
2015                Neumedicines, Inc. (15,000USD)
2014-2016       OECD Tempus (Project No. 543894. 30,000EUR)
2013-2014       Tel Hai College (12,000NIS)
2004                Bar Ilan Travel Grant (4,000USD)
2003                Society for Mathematical Biology - Travel grant (1,000USD)
2001-2005       President’s Fellowship for Excellence, Bar Ilan University (40,000USD)

under review      Israel Science Ministry Research Grant (300,000NIS)
under review      Israel Education Ministry Research Grant (1,000,000NIS)
under review      Mofet Institute Research Grant (30,000NIS)
under review      SBRI.gov.uk (300,000GBP)

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Link to

visit me at blog(dot)model(dash)lab(dot)net