Dr. Tamar Barkay

Dr. Tamar Barkay
  • Tamar Barkay is a sociologist in the field of political and economic sociology. She holds a PhD and MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Politics and Philosophy also from Tel Aviv University. Her research interests include states, markets and societies relations in recent decades; rating and ranking practices and current modes of subjectivity, and labour governance in global supply chains. Her work has explored ethnographically the rise of new forms of non-state governance and in particular the implications of the popularization of “corporate responsibility”. Her current research project (Funded by the Israeli Science Foundation) seeks to offer an analysis of the structural conditions and dynamics that characterize and impact the effectiveness of different models of anti-trafficking initiatives in supply chains.

ד"ר ברקאי תמר
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Areas of Interest

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Rating, ranking and current modes of subjectivities.

Corporate responsibility, human trafficking and labor markets and: inter-relations and mutual impacts.

Platform Capitalism and its risks for workers.

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Introduction to Sociology; Sociological Theories; Contemporary Issues in Stratification and Inequality; Labor Markats ; Corporate Responsibility; Medical Sociology; Collective Identities, Subjectivity and Power Relations.

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The Dan David Scholarship for Young Researchers (2008).

The Jonathan Shapiro Research Scholarship for distinguished PhD students in Sociology (2007).

The David Horowitz Research Institute on Society and Economy's Doctoral Fellowship (2006).

The Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel Aviv University doctoral scholarship for distinguished PhD. Students (2006)

The Joseph Segol Scholarship for PhD Students in Humanities and Social Sciences (2005-2006).

The Israeli Sociological Society Prize for Distinguished MA dissertations (2004).

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  • Barkay, T. On the links between ILO Labour Standards and Corporate Responsibility. In Dhermy-Mairal, Kott, S. Lespinet-Moret, I & Louis, M. (eds.) Des actes du colloque OIT, Éditions de la Sorbonne [French]. [forthcoming].
  • Barkay, T. & Shamir, H. Anti-Trafficking Chains in GVCs: Corporate Transparency Legislation and Worker Driven Social Responsibility. In: Arora, B., Banejee, S. & Shamir, H. (eds.). Human Trafficking and Global Value Chains: Corporate Responsibility Beyond Transparency Legislation, Book Series: Development Trajectories in Global Value Chains, Cambridge University Press. [forthcoming]
  • Barkay, T. & Aharoni, T. (2020). The Practice and Pedagogy of CSR in Israel. Study of The Organization and Human Resource Quarterly 5(1), 11-36 [Hebrew].
  • Barkay, T & Shamir, R. (2020). Israel vs. BDS: corporate social responsibility and the politics of human rights, Globalizations, 17(4), 698-713.
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Dr. Tamar Barkay CV

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