Dr. Orli Dahan

Dr. Orli Dahan
ד"ר דהן אורלי
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  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Science
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Dahan, O. (2017). The problem of other (group) minds (response to Schwitzgebel). Philosophia, 45(3), 1099-1112. 

Dahan, O. (2019). Submission, pain and pleasure – considering an evolutionary hypothesis concerning sexual masochism. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice, 6(4), 386-403. 

Dahan, O. (2019). There IS a question of physicalism. Organon F, 26(4), 542-571. 

Dahan, O. (2020). Birthing consciousness as a case of adaptive altered state of consciousness associated with transient hypofrontality. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 15(3), 794-808. 

Dahan, O. (2020). Physical constants as identifiers of modern universal laws of nature. Organon F, 27(3), 325-345. 

Dahan, O. (2021). Birthing consciousness: a lacuna in evolutionary psychology. New ideas in psychology, 60, 100822.

Dahan, O. (2021). The riddle of the extreme ends of the birth experience: Birthing consciousness and its fragility. Current psychology, 10.1007/s12144-021-01439-7. 

Dahan, O. (2021). The birthing brain: a lacuna in neuroscience. Brain and Cognition, 150, 105722. 

Dahan, O. (2021). Obstetrics at odds with evolution: The consequences of interrupting adaptive birthing consciousness. New ideas in psychology, 63, 100903. 

Dahan, O. & Cohen-shabot, S. (2022). Not just mechanical birthing bodies: Articulating the impact of imbalanced power relationships in the birth arena on women’s subjectivity, agency, and consciousness. Mind, Culture, and Activity. Forthcoming.

 דהאן, א. (2022). יולדת. מפתח – כתב עת לקסיקאלי למחשבה פוליטית, 17.

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Dr. Orli Dahan CV

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