Dr. Hanan Harif

Dr. Hanan Harif
חנן חריף
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Areas of Interest

Modern Jewish history & culture; Nationalism; Israel & ME studies; Religion studies; Intellectual history; Education. 

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Biographical Info

I am a historian who specializes in the history of Jewish nationalism, Zionism, and other trends within Jewish modernity. My focus in research and teaching is on the development of modern Jewish identities -  in Europe, in the Middle East and elsewhere. I study the wide range of attitudes held by Jewish intellectuals, scholars and writers toward the 'Orient' and the Arab world during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Between the years 2018 and 2022 I was the deputy director of the Ben-Zvi institute for the study off Jewish communities in the Middle East.

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Hanan Harif, "Infanticide, Orientalism and British Law in Mandate Palestine," Jewish Quarterly Review (Accepted for publication, vol. 114, 2024).

Hanan Harif and Amit Levy, “‘A Complete, Multifaceted Discipline’: The Debate over the History of Jews in Muslim Lands and its Teaching at the Institute of Jewish Studies and the School of Oriental Studies, 1948–1955,” in: U. Revhun and Y. Weiss (eds.), The History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fifth volume (forthcoming 2022, Heb.)

Hanan Harif, "Between a Bridge and a Fortress: S.D. Goitein and the Role of "Jewish Arabists" in the American Academy," Jewish Social Studies 26, 2 (Winter 2021), pp. 68-92.

Hanan Harif, "South-Asian Frameworks for European Good Intentions: Hyderabad, Karachi, and Jewish Orientalism," in: Anne O. Albert, Noah S. Gerber, and Michael A. Meyer (eds.), Frontiers of Jewish Scholarship: Expanding German Origins, Transcending European Borders, University of Pennsylvania Press (2022).

חנן חריף, אנשים אחים אנחנו: הפנייה מזרחה בהגות הציונית, ירושלים 2019

Hanan Harif, "Yosef Yo'el Rivlin's Al-Qur'an and the Creation of a New Hebrew Culture in Mandatory Palestine," Naharaim, 10/1 (September 2016), 39-55.

Hanan Harif, "Judaism and Islam in pre-State Zionist Thought: M. Ayzman, Y. Radler-Feldmann and A.Z. Rabinowitz," in: Pawel Maciejko and Scott Ury (eds.), Making History Jewish: The Dialectics of Jewish History in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Studies in Honor of Israel Bartal, Brill 2020, pp. 210-226.

Hanan Harif, “The Orient between Arab and Jewish National Revivals: Josef Horovitz, S.D. Goitein and Oriental studies in Jerusalem”, in: Ottfried Fraisse (ed.), Modern Jewish Scholarship on Islam in Context: Rationality, European Borders, and the Search for Belonging, De Gruyter 2018, pp. 319-336.

Hanan Harif, "Between Sacred and Profane: Three Modern Hebrew Translators of the Qur'ān," in: Gafni, Harif and Salzer (eds.), Wissenschaft des Judentums Beyond Tradition: Jewish Scholarship on the Sacred Texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, De Gruyter 2019, 149-164.

Hanan Harif, “Asiatische Brüder, Europäische Fremde: Eugen Hoeflich und der 'Panasiatische Zionismus' in Wien,” in: Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft, Heft 7-8 (2012), pp. 646-660.

Hanan Harif, Pan-Asian Zionism: Between Orientalism and Transnationalism, Chidushim: Studies in the History of German and Central European Jewry, 15 (2011), pp. 96-77 (Heb.)

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