Dr. Adi Jonas-Levi

Dr. Adi Jonas-Levi
ד"ר יונס לוי עדי
Accordion Title Research


2014-2016: "Honey bee pupae as a source for food for the future: scientific, economic and technological feasibility". In Collaboration with Dr. Itzhak Martinez (PI) (Tel Hai College), Dr. Doron Lavi (Tel Hai College), Dr. Ofir Benjamin (Tel Hai College), Dr. Roee Gutman (Tel Hai College).

2015-2019: "Processing of agricultural plant waste, using the black soldier fly, for receiving compost and protein-rich animal feed".Role: PI. In collaboration with Dr. Itzhak-J.J. Martinez (Tel Hai College & Migal), Liora Shaltiel (Northern R&D) and Dr. Ofer Danay (Northern R&D). Program number: 47-30-0001.

2016: "Digestion of animal proteins in an artificial stomach".

2016-2017: "Processing technologies for optimal protein-rich meal manufacture from black soldier fly". Role: PI.

2016-2018: "Substitute protein and functional ingredients from edible insects. In Collaboration with Dr. Itzhak Martinez (PI) (Tel Hai College & Migal), Dr. Ofir Benjamin (Tel Hai College).

2016-2018: "Metabolic and physical characteristics of Hayward kiwifruit after storage in controlled atmosphere. Role: PI. In collaboration with Dr. Goldberg, T.

Accordion Title Teaching


Teaching in academic institutions

 1998-2003:            Assistant Teacher in Food Analysis Lab. (undergraduate) at Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Department of Food Engineering and Biotechnology.
 2004-2005:            Lecturer in Biochemistry and Biochemistry Lab. (undergraduate) at Ort Braude College Karmiel, Biotechnology Engineering department.
 2004-2006:            Lecturer in Food Analysis (undergraduate). Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Department of Biotechnology Engineering and Food.
 2008-today:           Lecturer in Food science, The Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Tel Hai College
 2014-today: Lecturer in Nutritional science, The Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Tel Hai College

Courses taught in the past five years

 2008- today:          Food Chemistry and Biochemistry (undergraduate).
 2008- today:          Food Chemistry and Biochemistry Lab. (undergraduate).
 2010- 1013:           Introduction to Food Science (undergraduate).
 2011-2014:            Technological aspects in alcoholic beverage and cheese industry (undergraduate).
 2013- today:          Introduction to Food Technology (undergraduate).
 2014- 2016:           Food Technology Lab. (undergraduate).
 2014:                     Cheese production Technology Lab. (undergraduate).
 2015- today:          Introduction to Food Science for students in nutrition science (undergraduate).
 2015- today:          Technological aspects in alcoholic beverage (undergraduate).

Accordion Title Awards


1993: Award of Excellence for B.Sc. students. Tel Aviv University, Natural Science Faculty.

1995-1997: M.Sc. Fellowship.

1997: Award of Excellence for M.Sc. Research. Technion, Haifa, Food Engineering & Biotechnology faculty.

1997-2003: Marco and Louise Mitrani Memorial Fellowship.

2002: Litan Award for Ph.D. Research, Technion, Haifa, Food Engineering & Biotechnology faculty.

2003-2004: Post-Doctoral Fellowship of Haifa University, Israel.

2005-2007: Post-Doctoral Fellowship of Agriculture Research Center Neve Yaar, Vulcani Institute.

2013: Award of excellence from Food Science Department, Tel Hai College.

201: Award for enterprise establishment. Tel Hai entrepreneurship commission, David Freedman Found.

2015: Award for enterprise expansion and cooperation with Palestinian authorities. US-AID & Near East Foundation.

2015: Certificate of appreciation for excellence in teaching from the Student Association of Tel Hai College. 

Accordion Title Presentations


1. Rosenblat G., Jonas A., Tarshis M., Schubert S Y., Neeman I., Graham M. (1998). 5th IUBMB Conference on The Biochemistry of Health and Diseases, Israel. Effect of ascorbic acid and 6-O-palmitoyl ascorbate on intercellular oxidative burst in cultured fibroblasts. (Poster)

2. Rosenblat G., Jonas A., Schubert S Y., Graham M., Neeman I. (1998). Free Radicals, The roll of free radicals in health and disease, Israel. Suggesting a role for free radical processes in ascorbic-dependent collagen gene expression. (Poster)

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5. Rosenblat G., Graham M., Tarshis M., Schubert S.Y., Jonas A., Neeman I. (1999). Food and cancer prevention III, Norwich England. The inhibition of NADPH-dependent ROS production may be an important modality for protective effect of ascorbic acid and 6-O-palmitoyl ascorbate against cancer: in situ tissue culture study. (Poster)

6. Jonas-Levi A., Burger Y., Gurski E., Horev C., Saar U., Gepstein S., Cohen R. (2008). The 27th Israeli committee of Phytopathology, Israel. Anti-fungal ingredients from Momordica plant, (Poster and Lecture).

7. Jonas Levi, A., Benjamin, O. & Martinez, J.-J. I. (2014). Insects to Feed the World. Comparison of honeybee pupae composition from health and parasitized brood by Varroa. Ede, The Netherlands, p 155. (Poster)

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11. Jonas-Levi A. (2015). Food science – Tel Hai College, 2nd conference. "Insects as food and feed". Tel Hai College. (Lecture) 

12. Jonas-Levi A. (2015) Sustainability and social-environmental entrepreneurship, Unilever & Maala. "Green profit via the Black Soldier Fly" Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel-Aviv University. (Invited lecture).

13. Noked, O., Martinez, J.-J. I., Jonas-Levi, A. (2015). New researches in the Galilee and surrounding. The 17th meeting. Nutritional quality of honeybee (Apis mellifera) pupae compared to black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens). Tel Hai College. (Poster)

14. Jonas Levi, A., Danai, O., Shaltiel, L. & Martinez, J.-J.I. 2016. The 18th Congress of Galilee Research. The Black Soldier Fly – a biotechnological tool to manage agricultural wastes and produce feed mater. Tel Hai College. P. 45. (Lecture)

15. Jonas-Levi, AShaltiel, L, Danay, O, Martinez, J-JI. (2016) 1st International Conference on Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability. "Decomposition of waste by black soldier fly larvae can be controlled". Sitges, Spain. #316. (Poster)

16. Martinez, J.-J.I., Behar, A., Benjamin, O., Danai, O., Jonas Levi, A., Lavi, D., Shaltiel, L. 2016. The Entomological Society of Israel. The 35th Meeting. Small animals – great programs: inter-disciplinary research on edible insects in Tel Hai College and Migal. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem. P. 42. (Lecture)