Prof. Tamar Hagar

Prof. Tamar Hagar
תמר הגר
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Areas of Interest

Gender and Cultural Studies (motherhood,nuclear debate and fiction, painters' models)

Education (mainly Feminist and Critical Pedagogies, Multiculturalism and Neoliberal Academia)

 History (mainly Victorian England),

narrative  methodologies (autoethnography, microhistory, fiction)

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I examine the institution of motherhood as a mechanism of control on women's reproduction and their children's rearing practices. I am currently exploring the cultural image of the "bad mother" in contemporary Western culture, while addressing my own experience with this label.

My study on critical feminist methodology explores the way in which narrative inquiry (authoethnographies, stories, autobiographies, journals, letters, interviews) challenges the academic hierarchy of knowledge, while providing agency for marginal oppressed groups. 

My investigation of models of multicultural academia – academia which takes advantage of ethnic, national and class diversity promoting equality and social justice - involves a long term examination of complex institutional efforts to turn Tel Hai College into a multicultural campus. This study also addresses various intersections between forms of oppression, domination, or discrimination in academia.

I am investigating the Neoliberal Academia and the audit cultural, mainly its intellectual and emotional toll on faculty and the damage of academic knowledge.   

Exploring forms of critical and feminist pedagogy and activism, I look at new methods of teaching which stress the importance of dialogue between teacher and students and among the students themselves. This line of research also addresses the way in which educational processes mobilize individuals and groups into activism for social change.

My research in cultural studies looks at the way in which various art forms (paintings, photography, literature and the cinema) represent social and political realities in different periods.  I am currently engaged in exploring the lives of two 19th century models who sat for the early Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

My continuous inquiry into the nuclear debate - based on my doctoral dissertation - examines the way in which stories addressing the use of nuclear weapons played a part in either promoting or opposing the nuclear arm race in the US and the UK during the 20th century.

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