Dr. Ayala Cohen

Dr. Ayala Cohen
אילה כהן
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Areas of Interest

  • Community Work
  • Social Work
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Teaching community social work and policy practice- The development of knowledge that will help students integrates these methods in their social work.

Community- Studies on community partnerships and leadership.

Learning from Success- Studies on the use of this method in various fields.

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Community Work

The welfare state

Policy practice seminar

Introduction to social work

Welfare state

Introduction to Community work method

Intervention according Community work method

Research seminar in policy practice

Member of the Department of Social Work Bachelor’s Degree Teaching Committee.

Coordinator of the Department of Social Work Self-Evaluation on Quality, for the CHE.

Member of  Tel-Hai College Disciplinary Committee.

Chair of  Tel-Hai College Senior Staff Committee.

Member of the  Department of Social Work Master’s Degree Teaching Committee.

 Member of  the Department of Social Work Officeholders Committee.

Chair of the Department of Social Work Special BA Track in Policy Practice.

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Dr. Ayala Cohen CV