Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

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Much of our work at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, is guided by the notion that the human element is essential to modern engineering and technology. Within our departments, we combine the study of people, as individuals and societies, in respect to the sciences being explored.

Accordion Title Prof. Dani Kotlar, Dean

Prof. Dani Kotlar, Dean

"Tel-Hai College is a pioneer in integrating practical, hands-on experience as part of the curriculum, providing students with valuable skills and knowledge, as well as invigorating the local economy with youthful energy and ideas that are used to challenge thinking and formulate approaches to science, engineering, design and analysis."
The Bachelor and Master degree programs we offer drive positive change and create purpose in our modern world.

Accordion Title Animal Science, B.Sc.

Animal Science, B.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
Students of the Animal Science program acquire knowledge in biology, ecology, biotechnology, technologies for animal breeding, animal welfare, and holding conditions. They also gain insight into food management, hygiene and diseases, genetics and genetic improvement, and the relationship between animals and humans, with an emphasis on legal and ethical issues.
Recently, the department opened a new track: Animal Health Track, which allows students to apply to veterinary schools in Israel and abroad for advanced studies.
Tel-Hai's Animal Science B.Sc. degree is recognized for a 4-year veterinary curriculum at The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia.

Accordion Title Food Science, B.Sc.

Food Science, B.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
Graduating with the title "Food Technologist", the most significant role in the food industry, our students are exposed to the entire process of food and beverage production, including the planning stage of new products, identifying raw materials, designing, packaging, transporting to the shelves and safety regulations. Graduates may continue to assume many roles in the food and beverage industries, as well as proceeding on to higher academic studies in Food Science.
The Department of Food Science Tel-Hai offers a course entitled “Food Product Development Workshop”. This course is unique in Israel, existing only at Tel-Hai College. In the framework of the course, the students apply the knowledge and tools they have acquired during their studies to develop a product following through all its stages. The curriculum provides the required skills and the opportunity for practical experience in food factories and the food industry.

Accordion Title Nutritional Science, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Nutritional Science, B.Sc., M.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
The Nutritional Science study program at Tel-Hai College is designed to train clinical nutritionists and dieticians, with the option of specific enrichment in elective courses: behavioural science – different aspects of eating disorders and treatment for them; sports medicine – nutrition under stress and nutritional guidance for athletes.
Graduates may continue to assume roles in hospitals, schools, care facilities for the elderly, and in the private sector. Internships may be allocated on confirmation of entitlement to a degree.

Accordion Title Biotechnology, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Biotechnology, B.Sc., M.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
The Biotechnology programs focus on critical aspects of product development, multidisciplinary research, drug discovery technologies, bioinformatics, regulatory affairs, and product commercialization, and offers a specialization in agriculture.
The M.Sc. program offers thesis and non-thesis tracks. The non-thesis track students conduct their research project at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute laboratories.

Accordion Title Computer Science, B.Sc.

Computer Science, B.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
One of the first college departments of computer science in Israel, the mission of the department is to serve as an academic center in the Upper Galilee that trains its graduates to high academic standards, as well as to the ability to become leading developers in the software and high-tech industry in Israel and worldwide. The department aspires to serve as a prime growth engine for the software industry in the Upper Galilee.
We offer five dedicated tracks to allow our students to further specialize in depth: Software Development, Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Real-Time and Networks, Web Technologies.

Accordion Title Environmental Science, B.Sc.

Environmental Science, B.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
Accelerated social and economic development in recent years continually challenges our ability to preserve nature and the environment. The Environmental Science track, established as a direct result of this challenge, focuses on solutions for environmental preservation and sustainability.
The first academic institution in Israel to offer a track focusing solely on Environmental Science, Tel-Hai integrates studies from the fields of ecology, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Accordion Title Water Science, M.Sc.

Water Science, M.Sc.

(Hebrew only)
In this day and age, it is critical to develop educated uses and management of natural and artificial water sources including streams, groundwater, river basins, wetlands, ponds and others.
In Israel, the study of water sciences is imperative, as water economy is a vital element in determining the standard of living, scope of possible development, and relationships with neighboring countries.
The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to formulate rational and broadly informed solutions to complex water-related problems, and effectively implement various water-based programs.

Accordion Title Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Zeev Feldman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Arik Dayan
Avraham Shochat 
Prof. Uri Marhaim
Uri Eshkoli  
Orit Degani Dinisman
Ayelet Harris   
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich
Elad Dubzinski  
Amnon Neubach  
Esti Ashkenazi 
Efrat Ronen Harel 
Ariel Sagi 
Gabi Koniel
Gadi Lahav  
Prof. Gadi Schuster
Gideon Giladi  
Gal Gafni  
David Hodak, Attorney
Dolan Abu-Salach  
Prof. Dan Malkinson
Danny Marian  
Daphna Abrahms  
Dror Shafir  
Helen Dotan Glassberg  
Dr. Vered Naor
Dr. Zalman Segal
Hezi Hermoni  
Dr. Haim Kristal, M.D
Haim Bumash   
Danielle Taysia  
Yair Shamir  
Yehudit Grisaro  
Prof. Yona Chen
Yonit Koren  
Yossi Nakash 
Yeheskel Peleg  
Yael Malka  
Dr. Yaron Dagan, M.D
Yirmi Olmert   
Prof. Israel Bartal
Leah Zukerman  
Leah Erlich  
Lior Regev  
Prof. Leehu Zyzberg
Michal Reikin  
Dr. Mina Nussboum
Menachem Kali  
Nira Dror  
Nathan Freund  
Simon Oswang  
Ido Dissentshik  
Oded Bashan  
Lustig Ofer  
Ezrah Mohalem  
Amos Levin  
Prof. Anat Zohar
Atar Razy-Oren 
Zvi Bodenheimer 
Dr. Ruth Gesser
Prof. Ruth Arnon
Ruth Calderon  
Rina Pridor  
Dr. Shuli Shwartz
Shimon Kamari 
Sharon Rohas  
Tamar Ben-Daviv, Attorney
Aharon Valenci  
Prof. Dan Lebanon
Israel Freidman
Shalom Yoseph  
Avihai Stern 
Uri Dorman 
Benny Ben-Muvhar  
Giora Zaltz  
David Zigdon  
Dimi Aperzev  
Haim Rokach   
Prof. Eliezer Shalev
Eli Cohen  
Prof. Nir Becker
Dr. Tali Goldberg
Prof. Ofer Shir
Prof. Meirav Chen

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Our research at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, aims to provide knowledge of both global and local issues. Our faculty members conduct critical research about the long-term development of our society from the perspective of structures, interactions, communities and identities. We aim to educate the next generation of independent professionals and prepare them for the ever changing, complex world we live in.

Accordion Title Prof. Doron Lavee, Dean

Prof. Doron Lavee, Dean

"One aspect of Tel-Hai’s unique approach to higher education is to involve students in outreach to the community. Community service and volunteer work play a central role, with field studies and social interaction introduced to students from day one. Throughout the year, students and faculty participate in well over 100 projects within 30 regional communities."
We offer a rich variety of B.A. and M.A. programs as well as a diverse range of projects and activities for our students to take part in.

Accordion Title Social Work, B.A., M.A.

Social Work, B.A., M.A.

(Hebrew only)
Developed in the framework of social and behavioral sciences, social work studies serve as a scientific approach to solving problems and resolving conflicts of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
In Israel, the profession of social work is organized by the Social Worker's Law of 1996.
The Department of Social Work is located at the heart of social activity in the north and fosters exchange and cooperation with the population of the region through student field training and supervision and joint community projects.

The graduate curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their professional self by providing knowledge, values, and a systemic professional approach. The programs ensure that students have the ability to operate as social workers in the modern age and to continue on to further study for advanced degrees.
The Master's program trains social workers to work and develop advanced practices in social services with an emphasis on relevance, effectiveness, and social responsibility.
Students have a variety of courses to focus on such as The Stress, Trauma and Resiliency Studies Program.
The Stress, Trauma and Resiliency Studies Program in the Department of Social Work… אפשר פה כפתור של  Read more?  
prepares future social workers to act as first responders in emergency situations. The program is based on field research which demonstrates that immediate and efficient mental health intervention at the site of disaster or emergency situations, significantly reduces the risk of post-traumatic symptoms, and greatly aids victims' speedy return to their regular level of daily functioning.
Training includes both theoretical and practical studies of leading and innovative methods in the realm of PFA – Psychological First Aid, along with field experience gained in real life emergency situations. The curriculum combines theory and practice, with in-depth study of the post-traumatic reaction and its prevention, as well as simulations of large-scale emergency situations, which are conducted in collaboration with the IDF, regional rescue teams, Magen David Adom (medical first aid), firefighters, and more. In real emergencies students have taken active roles in treatment of victims of missile attacks in southern Israel. The Stress and Trauma Study Track is an innovative academic program in the Israeli and international higher education landscape, and reflects the college's deepest commitment to the resilience of community and society.

Accordion Title Psychology, B.A.

Psychology, B.A.

(Hebrew only)
The Department of Psychology has a strong research orientation, focusing on the foundational models of the different fields of psychology, and the range of scientific approaches accepted in contemporary psychology research. Students are involved in research projects from their first year of studies.
Studies include a practicum in a therapeutic-educational framework for practical learning and accumulating experience. Students use physiological, cognitive and developmental laboratories for analyzing and understanding psychological processes. The style of academic/research-based learning is intended to develop open minded, knowledgeable young graduates that will continue on to advanced studies in the leading universities and research institutes in the country and overseas. We also focus on helping our students succeed in the national entrance exam for Master’s degree programs in psychology (the MATAM exam).
Graduates may assume positions such as counselors in educational and mental health institutions, human resources directors of organizations, social science and psychology teachers in high schools, and research assistants.

Accordion Title Economics & Management, B.A., M.A.

Economics & Management, B.A., M.A.

(Hebrew only)
The program in Economics and Management is designed to prepare students for economic and commercial activities in the business and public sector.  The program balances economics and management skills to prepare our graduates for the labor market. The program includes core classes in mathematics and statistics, accounting, finance, and marketing. In all the fields of study, we include economics and managerial aspects, along with theoretical knowledge and field experience.
Students can specialize in one of the following fields of study: Economic Theory, Financial Markets, Business Management, Appraisals and Real Estate. 
The Master's program is designed to fulfil demand for experts in economics and management for the development of business and economics in the unique area of Northern region of Israel. This program is offered in collaboration with Western Galilee College. It provides training in multidisciplinary areas of study, including core studies in Decision Making, Regional Economics, Industrial Organization, Environmental and Resources economics, Game Theory and its application in business development, Communication, Strategic Competition and more.

Accordion Title Human Services, B.A.

Human Services, B.A.

(Hebrew only)
Studies in the department instill interdisciplinary knowledge and enable students to understand personal, organizational and societal issues involved in providing services for a variety of roles in Israel. The theoretical and practical training assist students to assume a wide range of key roles in public and nonprofit organizations and companies, such as, government offices, banks, legal and health systems.
The track is interdepartmental and is integrated according to the student’s choice with: Economics and Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Education, Multidisciplinary Studies or East Asian Studies.

Accordion Title Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.

Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.

(Hebrew only)
Studies in the department instill interdisciplinary knowledge and enable students to understand personal, organizational and societal issues involved in providing services for a variety of roles in Israel. The theoretical and practical training assist students to assume a wide range of key roles in public and nonprofit organizations and companies, such as, government offices, banks, legal and health systems.
The track is interdepartmental and is integrated according to the student’s choice with: Economics and Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Education, Multidisciplinary Studies or East Asian Studies.

Accordion Title East Asian Studies, B.A.

East Asian Studies, B.A.

(Hebrew only)
In recent decades, Asian and East Asian nations such as China, Japan, South Korea and India, increasingly substantiate their standing in the global community, economically, politically, and culturally.
The Department of East Asian Studies offers its students the knowledge needed to assume positions in governmental offices, global companies, hi-tech and startup companies, airlines, tourism and educational institutions.  Graduates are also encouraged to continue their studies in advanced programs in universities and research institutes.
The program entails studies of either Chinese or Japanese language, and requires three years of studies. Completion of studies must be combined with the following programs: Economics and Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Education, Multidisciplinary Studies or Human Services.

Accordion Title Drama Therapy, M.A.

Drama Therapy, M.A.

(Hebrew only)
The Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel-Hai College is a prestigious program that has evolved from Prof. Mooli Lahad’s pioneering work in Israel, which began in 1989.
The program acquaints students with cutting-edge theory and practice in drama therapy, שמג provides advanced tools to develop their clinical abilities and skills. Students undergo intense training, focusing on clinical skills, receiving supervision in small groups, and specialized academic courses, workshops and masterclasses. They are also required to enroll for a third year of additional training and supervision of their clinical practice.
The program integrates the basic principles of behavioral sciences and psychotherapy with the human need for expression, action, and creativity.

Accordion Title Art Therapy, M.A.

Art Therapy, M.A.

(Hebrew only)
Tel-Hai College believes in aiding and encouraging people to communicate their emotions and thoughts in new ways that can improve the quality of their lives. The goal of any art therapy school is to provide the tools and knowledge to see patients through the creative process and expression.
The program at Tel-Hai College emphasizes engagement within social and cultural contexts, and the exploration of the benefits of art therapy in the world of healthcare, education and psychiatric facilities. The program cultivates influential, compassionate professionals who are engaged with the social and cultural contexts of healing through the creation of art.
As part of their educational process, art therapy students are expected to be fully engaged in the intellectual dimensions of art therapy theory, research and philosophy. The program is designed to meet the standards for post-graduation application and certification as well as the academic requirements for licensing guidelines in the state of Israel.

Accordion Title Organizational Behavior, M.A.

Organizational Behavior, M.A.

(Hebrew only)
This program provides a well-rounded understanding of the economic and strategic management of the modern organization, different organizational strategies, how they affect the type of employees hired, and the organization's employment policies and treatment. Practitioners in the field acquire knowledge and skills in the behavioral fields, organizational psychology and sociology, and in traditional administrative functional fields: finance, marketing, information systems.
Our faculty offers rich and innovative knowledge in a wide range of courses, some of which are unique to the master's degree program in organizational behavior at our institution.

Accordion Title Educational Psychology, M.A.

Educational Psychology, M.A.

(Hebrew only)
The education system is the largest employer of psychologists in Israel. Following the changes in the system in recent years, the demand for educational psychologists exceeds the supply.
Tel-Hai College, which successfully operates undergraduate programs in psychology, is proud to respond to this professional and educational challenge through developing a Masters’ degree program in educational psychology.
The program is intended for students with undergraduate degrees in psychology and behavioral sciences who meet the acceptance criteria while engaging with children and youth in a school setting.
The program includes a thesis track and a final project track.

Accordion Title Developmental Psychology, M.A.

Developmental Psychology, M.A.

coming soon

Accordion Title Galilee Studies, M.A.

Galilee Studies, M.A.

(Hebrew only)
Galilee Studies are multidisciplinary, regional studies that integrate fields such as historical geography, environmental sciences, sociology, archaeology and anthropology.  
The curriculum focuses on population, society and culture in the Galilee Region. Tel-Hai College believes that in this manner students will not only know the region better, but also understand it in a greater and deeper way.

Faculty of Education and Teaching

Faculty of Education and Teaching

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With the goal of developing a just, free and democratic society, Tel-Hai College encourages creative and groundbreaking thinking amongst future educators, and cultivates sensitivity and appreciation of diversity in a multicultural society, upholding mutual respect, caring, social responsibility, acceptance and solidarity toward diverse individuals and groups.  
During their studies, students of the Faculty of Education and Teaching acquire a wide range of skills adapted to the developing demands of today's society, with an emphasis on the relationship between the individual and society. They develop the foundations for personal and professional growth and empowerment, learn self-awareness, all the while building their professional identity to support learning through digital literacy, using innovative technology and interfaces to gain experience in solving complex problems, and developing research skills.
The Faculty of Education and Teaching offers a direct track for earning a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and teaching certificate within five years.

Accordion Title Prof. Dorit Alt, Dean

Prof. Dorit Alt, Dean

“The Faculty of Education and Teaching views its students as future leaders, guides and trail-blazers in the changing world we currently live in. We wish to equip them with research skills and foster their independent critical thinking, so they will develop the ability to examine contemporary needs and provide solutions to challenges in the field of education and teaching.”

Accordion Title Education, B.A.

Education, B.A.

(Hebrew only)
With more than 25 years of academic experience and over 1,100 alumni, the Department of Education assists students in developing quality academic skills and acquiring social values. It enables students to continue to advanced studies with professional training in high demand and developing specializations. Nearly half of the curriculum is dedicated to core studies in order to create a deep foundation of knowledge necessary for educators in this day and age.
The undergraduate degree in Education offers a number of tracks: Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Arts in Education, and Social and Leadership Education.

Accordion Title Physical Education (Multi-Age), B.Ed.

Physical Education (Multi-Age), B.Ed.

(Hebrew only)
At the Physical Education track of the Faculty of Education and Teaching at Tel-Hai College, we view Physical Education as a tool for imparting healthy values and way of life, and believe in the education of body and spirit. With this approach, we aspire to train the teachers of the future to be agents of change.
The curriculum is taught in a multiage format, training teachers for elementary and secondary education, 1st through 12th grades. We teach future educators to view students as people first, and as pupils second. 

Accordion Title Special Education (Ages 6-21), B.Ed.

Special Education (Ages 6-21), B.Ed.

(Hebrew only)
The Special Education program trains teachers to teach students ages 6-21 with a variety of special needs, whether they learn in special ed. systems, or are integrated in the standard education systems.
The program is based on a humanistic educational approach and model that places the student at the center of the educational process, helping each child advance at their own pace and reach their full potential.
The program is interdepartmental, including one of the following disciplines: Hebrew Language, Jewish Studies, Israel Studies and Science.

Accordion Title Education in Jewish Studies (Elementary/Secondary), B.Ed.

Education in Jewish Studies (Elementary/Secondary), B.Ed.

(Hebrew only)
The track of Jewish Studies is comprised of lecturers and students from different sects of religion - traditional, secular and religious, who teach and learn together in an atmosphere of openness and respect for diverse approaches and positions. 
Jewish studies encompass Jewish history and scriptures, from the Old Testament until present day and is characterized by a broad spectrum of approaches. This track operates with the belief that creating a strong foundation and sense of Jewish identity increases students’ sense of responsibility and commitment to the state of Israel and Israeli society.
The track trains educators to teach Jewish Studies in elementary and secondary schools and is studied in a dual degree, integrating studies in Special Education.

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